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Don’t Miss This One Day Training Event Where You’ll Discover How To Boost Your Rent Roll Fee Income By 20%...or MORE!

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NSW- VIC - TAS - ACT 8.30am - 5.00pm 

QLD 7.30am to 4.00pm

SA- 8am to 4.30pm

NT- 7am to 3.30pm

WA- 5.30am to 2.00pm

NZ- 10.30am to 7.00pm

USA- WEDNESDAY 24th FEBRUARY 1.30pm- 10pm (Los Angeles Time)

How much:

Standard tickets to this practical events are free.

VIP tickets are just $39.95, and include a copy of the slides and recordings of the whole event (note: you need to attend the online event live to get the slides and recordings)

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Why You Must Attend This Event

Most property managers, BDM’s and real estate bosses I talk to tell me they’re fed up with the ‘discounters’ in the industry. They often feel like they’re pressured and sometimes have no choice but to cut their management fees to match…just to secure the new business!

…Unfortunately, after a while a new discounter enters the market and goes even lower, and the pressure continues, with the end result being a “race to the bottom” where no one wins – not the agency (who sees their fee income and profits bottom out), and not the client (who ends up with a poorer quality service due to the cost cutting, endless turnover of staff because they are not paid well etc).

At this event, we’ll show you how to STOP that cycle, break from it and start moving your fees upwards.

In this live, 1-day online event I’ll show you my proven system to get an extra $500-$1,000 per year per property…NO MATTER how cheap your competitors are!

Hi, I’m Darren Hunter.

I work with the top 10% of property management businesses in Australia, NZ and the US. In the last 3 years I’ve coached over 500 agencies and have provided high quality training to thousands more.

Over the last 20 years I’ve helped hundreds of rent rolls to realise higher fee income with hundreds of thousands of property owners…possibly over a million!

Using my system, business owners have increased their rent roll income from 20%-100% more…per property.

How did I develop my “fee maximisation system”? I stumbled across it in 2000 when I needed to get a portfolio of management agreements re-signed and much higher fees (the most expensive in that market, at that time), and then refined the process when I was the State Property Manager for a national real estate brand managing 18 offices, with 28 property managers.

And since then for over 15 years I have successfully rolled out the same system with hundreds of rent rolls, over three countries.

That means my training is practical, ‘real-world’ and it works…it’s not based on theories about what ‘should’ work or 'might' work!

At this event I’ll be showing you my fee maximisation system in detail, and demonstrating how you can implement it into your property management business.

Join me and other property management business owners for my one-day “Win your WORTH Plus” event where I’ll reveal little-known strategies to boost your fee income by 20% or more
...per property.

This is one event you don’t want to miss if your goal is to be in the top 10% of PM businesses and secure your future.

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Here's a taste of What You'll Learn

  • How to get higher and better fees with new business…even when clients are shopping around on price and you’ve got crazy discounters in your area (yes…it is possible – and I’ll share the EXACT SCRIPTS that work over 80% of the time)
  • Our proven technique that converts almost 100% of qualified leads …even if you’re not the cheapest!
  • How to easily overcome “If you can match your management fee with the other agent” and “But the other agent is cheaper”.
  • How to stand out from other property management businesses, so property owners choose you…even if your fees are higher!
  • How to win the business with little to no fee discussion because they just want you!
  • ​What new business to say ‘NO’ to using our easy 8-Point Checklist so you only grow with profitable quality properties and avoid toxic owners and bad properties that just burn-out your staff and waste your valuable time.
  • ​My tried-and-tested system to increase fees with your existing clients. Do this wrong and a fee hike will cost you dearly…but do it right and you’ll easily add 20% plus profit to your bottom line. 
  • ​I’ll show you the FIVE CLIENT TYPES that you should NEVER increase your fees with (these are the DANGER ones that lurk in your portfolio!)
  • ​30 proven ways, special hacks, effective strategies and techniques to generate PM Leads to grow your rent roll (that your competitors are not likely to be doing).
By the end of the day, you will be armed with a complete and up-to-date arsenal of proven, successful strategies you can immediately implement into your business.

Online Live Streaming Event
Thursday February 25th 2021

Standard tickets to this
practical event are FREE

VIP tickets are just $39.95, and include a copy of the slides and recordings of the whole event (note: you need to attend the online event live to get the slides and recordings)

You can choose your ticket type after you click the Book Now button

Who the “WIN Your WORTH PLUS” event is
designed to suit

  • Owners of property management businesses based in Australia, New Zealand or the USA who want a strong, consistent, growing fee income from their rent roll.
  • Property management business owners keen to grow a high quality rent roll with maximum asset value
  • Business owners who want to reduce the conflict, stress and hassle of running a property management business (and keep their staff happy)
  • Property management business owners who want to stand out and not compete on price…but instead win the business on service and added value!
Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure all this out on your own. You will end up wasting too much of your valuable time. My practical experience will short-cut the process for you and save you from “reinventing the wheel”.

Come and spend one day with me online and let me show you how you can successfully increase your property management income by 20-100% (per property) in the next 12 months. 

This is a one-off event streamed live.


“…after a fabulous days training with Darren on understanding and knowing our worth .. our fees were increased way beyond our local competitors and we are still winning the business. People are willing to pay extra if they understand the value of the service your providing is worth it!”

Martina Berry
Principal - Professionals Rockingham
Western Australia, Australia

“We implemented a successful fee maximisation campaign using Darren’s strategies, and in all about 700- 800 landlords had fee increases. The campaign was very successful, and we lost only a very small handful of clients. We found the process to be well worth it, and financially very rewarding.”

Howard Morley
Principal - Auckland Property Management
Auckland, New Zealand

“After Darren’s fee maximization training here in my office in Florida, my team haven’t stopped getting better and more profitable ancillary fees since. I have been amazed at what fees we have been able to successfully charge with clients, other than my base management fee. This was a very profitable and worthwhile training session indeed!”

Todd Breen
Broker - Home Property Management and Sales
West Palm Beach, Florida USA


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